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              Water cutting advantage

              時間:2019-03-14 13:56:00瀏覽次數:17

              Water cutting as a new cutting technology, its advantages are: 1, can cut a wide range. Can cut most of the material, such as: metal, marble, glass and so on; 2. Good cutting quality. A smooth cut that does not produce rough, burr edges; 3. No hot processing. Because it is cut with water and abrasive, no heat (or very little heat) is generated during processing, and this effect is ideal for heat-affected materials. Such as: titanium. 4. High environmental protection. This machine USES water and sand cutting, this kind of sand in the processing process will not produce toxic gas, can be discharged directly, more environmental protection; 5. No need to replace the cutter. You do not need to replace the cutting machine device, a nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving costs and time; 6. Reduce burrs. The water knife cutting with abrasive sand has less burr; 7. Programming flash programs are mainly generated by CAD drawing software. You can design line diagrams in layout or enter DXF files generated from other software. 8. Quick programming. Other software programs can be brought into the machine, which can establish the tool path from CAD and calculate the precise positioning of the tool head and cutting speed in excess of 2,000 points per inch (800 points per cm). All you need to do is specify the material and thickness of the cut, and leave the rest to the machine. 9, and other equipment combination, can be operated separately. Water cutting machine can be combined with other processing equipment (such as drilling head), make full use of its performance, optimize the use of materials. 10. Reduce the number of adjustments. Only a small amount of lateral pressure is needed to fix the workpiece, which can reduce the trouble brought by complex assembly and entrainment.

              In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the unique technology of water cutting leads the new development direction of traditional processing in the following aspects:

              1. No cutting direction limit → various cutting shapes can be completed.

              2. The transverse and longitudinal forces generated are very small → the setting time and the cost of using the jig can be reduced

              3. The function of drilling and cutting can be completed with the same machine → the process time and cutting cost can be reduced.

              No thermal effect or deformation or fine cracks → no need for secondary processing, can save time and manufacturing cost?

              5. No toxic gas will be produced → it can provide a better working environment for operators.

              6. No burr → can shorten the time and cost of workpiece manufacturing

              7. Fine incision → can reduce the production of a large number of waste materials, save direct manufacturing costs.

              8. The cutting of the workpiece can be completed in one time with good cutting quality → it can reduce the processing time and cost.

              According to the different design and workpiece material to make elastic adjustment → can shorten the time from receiving orders to finished products output, improve your productivity, bring more business opportunities for your enterprise

              China King Rubber(Xiamen) Machinery Co.,Ltd.


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