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              The advantages of all kinds of glass edge grinding machine analysis and purchasing skills

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              Glass edge grinding machine is one of the earliest and the largest amount of mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. In recent years, with the continuous development and expansion of glass deep processing industry, the types and specifications of glass edge grinding machine are more and more, and the technology is more and more advanced, more and more comprehensive functions. In a wide variety of glass edge grinding machine, how to choose their own model? How to use it properly?

              To choose edge grinding machine, first of all to the kind of edge grinding machine and characteristics of some understanding, the main types of glass edge grinding machine are as follows:

              1. Single-arm special-shaped edge grinding machine (special-arm machine or single-arm machine for short)

              Single-arm special-shaped edge grinding machine can not only sharpen straight edge, but also round edge, duck mouth, can also sharpen hypotenuse; Can grind circular work piece, also can grind ellipse and special-shaped work piece. On the independent suction plate on the mold, with the machine can grind some irregular shape of the workpiece. Its structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is cheaper, the general domestic production machine can be bought about 20,000 yuan, but the technical requirements of the operator is higher, so the labor cost is more expensive.

              2. Linear edge grinding machine

              The characteristics of linear edge grinding machine have three: one is the use of a single, can only be grinding all kinds of linear edge; Second, continuous grinding, high production efficiency; Third, can grind the size of the larger plate glass.

              Linear edge grinding machine is all kinds of edge grinding machine variety, the largest specification of the edge grinding machine, according to the grinding of the different linear edge, it can be divided into linear edge grinding machine, linear circle, linear hypotenuse machine three.

              3. Edge grinding by mold

              Edge grinding machine by the use of template positioning, can grind round or shaped glass straight edge, round edge, duck mouth, hypotenuse, etc., this kind of edge grinding machine grinding out the shape of the glass according to the template, unified size, high production efficiency. This kind of machine is suitable for the production variety is not much, but the production batch is very large glass processing, but if the production variety is more, it is not suitable to buy this kind of equipment, because by the mold edge grinding machine, is to rely on the template to grind out the shape, each different type of glass is to make a template, so the cost of making a template is also very high.

              4. Inner edge grinding machine

              The characteristics of the inner circular machine is simple structure, low price, but the use of a single, mainly suitable for processing the periphery of the circle.

              5. Linear bilateral edge grinding machine

              The characteristic of linear double edge grinding machine is that it can grind two opposite sides of glass at the same time. According to the different width of the glass grinding machine can be divided into small and medium-sized and large two kinds, the maximum grinding width in two meters below called medium and small bilateral grinding machine, the maximum grinding width in two meters and more than two meters called large bilateral grinding machine, grinding head configuration has 16, 20, 22 grinding class. Large bilateral mill is generally computer controlled, high degree of automation, suitable for grinding large size plate glass.

              6. Full-automatic special-shaped edge grinding machine

              Automatic abnormity edge grinding machine is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system used in processing complicated shape workpiece automatic machine with high efficiency, processing by computer intelligent control, using cylinder positioning, fixed glass, glass edge grinding, chamfering and polishing one-time completed these process, a high degree of automation, this machine in processing all kinds of special-shaped glass shows obvious advantages, the more complex the glass shape, processing advantage, the more obvious, on the machining accuracy is higher than the above five models, so this model is more suitable for processing high quality glass products.

              The following matters should be noted when selecting edge grinding machine:

              Before the purchase of the first research, in the purchase of a certain kind of edge grinding machine before the best run several equipment manufacturers to see, compare the quality of each plant, price, service, and so on, and can be further to the purchase and use of the same equipment in the same industry, understand the use of some equipment, so you can do when the purchase of the machine in mind. When buying machine fine selection, the best when buying machine let the manufacturer try to grind several kinds of thickness, size different glass, in addition to observe the quality of the glass after grinding, but also to observe the machine in the process of operation without abnormal phenomena (such as vibration, water leakage, etc.). If the problem is found, the manufacturer should promptly solve or change. When purchasing new equipment, the relevant personnel in the factory should be selected to participate in the equipment operation training provided by li machinery factory, so that when using in the future, the correct operation, maximize the effectiveness of the equipment. Sufficient accessories to ensure production. When purchasing the machine, we should buy some necessary spare parts to eliminate the influence of the shortage of spare parts on the production.

              How to choose the manufacturer?

              We first should choose when buying larger scale of production and product quality is stable, perfect after-sales service system, high credibility of the manufacturers in the production of edge grinding machine, because of these manufacturers edge grinding machine is on the price is higher than small factory production, but the quality and after-sales service is much better than the small factory, comfortable to use. Even in the use of some technical problems, these manufacturers will help you to solve in time. Generally is free in the warranty period, the warranty period is appropriate to collect costs. In addition to special description is, if you need to buy the kind of edge grinding machine and the number of more, it is best to choose the same manufacturer. Because do so to the future production, management, maintenance and so on to be much more convenient, and because it is the bulk purchase, in the price and service can get more concessions.

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